Friday, 1 April 2011

Good that Pak Lost!

The title of the post may rage fury among the cricket lovers but i have some rational reasons to say that Pakistan lost the match for good.

Reason #1 : 1 person killed and 45 injured because of aerial firing at the fall of every Indian Wicket and on the boundary by Pakistani Batsman. Just imagine "if" Pakistan would have won the match then how many would be dead just because of heavy aerial firing across Pakistan.

Reason #2 : So many Islamic smses piled up in my cell's inbox for the victory of Pakistan as if its an holy war not a match of Cricket! Never conjoin Religion with Sports.

Reason #3: Media of both States projected this match as if its a war between two nations rather than a cricket match. Hate mongering was at its peak and Indian media was doing so. 

Reason #4: Our economy is aid-driven and despite working day and night to improve it we demand public holiday on such events which lead to the loss of billions of Rupess! Next time, Government  should not approve a Public Holiday! 

Rumor has it that our Prime Minister accepted a huge sum of money to pressurize Pak team to lose but to me its just a very foolish way to ignore defeat as no-one has any proof. We are responsible for our own defeat.  Our fielding was pathetic and our batting order couldn't stay on the pitch to chase the target and that's why we lost the match! But, we should not rebuke our team's effort as our team was regarded as "underdogs" for this World Cup but still we managed to top in our Group and we defeated Australia - the Ex Champions!

We reacted as "Nation" for 30 days but now we are again divided! If we ca unite for Cricket then we should also unite against the brutalities in our Motherland! Our brothers and Sisters are living without shelter and food but we can't get united for them, People dying because of rising inflation but we can't get united for them!  Please think about it!

There are many other reason as well but i decided to highlight few of the main reasons. Cricket is just a sports and we all should take it as a sports. Our team will Insha Allah win the Cup next time but please let Cricket be a sport.


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