Sunday, 3 April 2011

And Govt Keep Fooling Us!

Sky-rocketing fuel price is yet another deadly bomb fired on the helpless nation from the canons of OGRA (The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) and the Federal Government. Nation should not be surprised or raged with fury as we can't or shouldn't expect anything else. To defend this increment, Government published an ad in express tribune showing the prices of petrol in UK,India,Germany and Japan in comparison with petrol prices in Pakistan lol :-D.

In India petrol price is Rs.110.12, In UK Rs.178.39, In Germany Rs.173.45 and In Japan Rs.143.66. All prices are in Pakistani Rupee which clearly shows that how devalued our currency is. The increasing Imports and decreasing exports have devalued our currency and the Government is trying to fool the nation by showing that it is offering petrol in cheap prices while the big economies like Japan,UK and Germany are not. 60.3% of Pakistani population earn less than U.S $2/day and our Govt is comparing fuel prices. What a shame!

To me its just a very foolish way to defend the increment in fuel prices. If the current situation prevails then "Petrol"would be soon regarded as one of the most valuable liquid. The most effective thing against petrol hike can only be a complete boycott of petrol until Govt decreases the price. Be united and at-least raise your voices! 



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