Thursday, 5 May 2011

Osama ka Drama!!!!

For God sake people,Osama bin Laden is Dead! - Whether he died in a US-led operation in Abbottabad(1st May 2011) or he died long before(assumed by many), the fact remains the same that *HE IS DEAD*. Now. move on! but we won't because we just love to believe in Conspiracy theories. The International Community is severely rebuking Pakistan but we are busy asking silly question like this "Is Osama really dead?". Come on! Use your brains, DNA report has been released proving his death plus Al-Qaeda admitted his death but we are still thinking that he ain't dead, Simply WOW! Another stunning  and shocking news was that, funeral prayers(Gayaban-e-Namaz-e-Janaza) were offered in khi for OBL!!! What a foolish act! Prayers for a  person who was the Most Wanted Terrorist and who was responsible for killing thousands of innocent in 9/11 attacks. Just because of this man, USA waged war in Afghanistan and millions of Muslim suffered! This depicts high irrationality which is a threat to the survival of the Nation. Now coming towards the hottest topic nowadays .. The Bin Laden Death! To be realistic and honest its a mark of shame that he was found hiding in Pakistan just some distance away from PMA Kakul.  

Reportedly, US carried out an operation without informing the Pakistani Authorities which is an attack on the sovereignty of our beloved motherland. But wait! Hasn't our Government already sold the sovereignty since the first ever drone strike in Northern Areas???? Its not a big deal if American forces carried out an operation within the borders of our motherland as our government highly depends on their Aid. The big deal is that we are in hot water now as Osama has yet again stigmatized Pakistan and Pakistanis. All eyes are on us! We are being severely questioned and criticized regarding the presence of OBL in Pakistan. Its a national shame that World's Most Wanted Terrorist was found here in Pak. Right now, what we really need to do is to carry out a nation-wide operation eliminating every possible suspect of terrorism. 

Please work for the prosperity of Pakistan not for defamation!  - Peace


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