Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Don't make fun of him!

Recently a protest was held in Islamabad condemning the release of infamous Mr.Raymond Davis. Imran Khan and other political leaders were kind of supervising that protest. A participant unfortunately got interviewed by a media personnel and this interview made him famous among the *foolish* critics!

I used the word "unfortunately" because i guess he would be cursing himself for going out there and participating in the protest - YES HE WOULD BE! Mainly because our Nation made real fun of this poor guy. Many called him a "burger"(slang word a person who reacts as if he/she a foreigner, speak English with or without broken accent and carry a highly modern apparel), some people made fun of him saying "Oh bechara garmi mai bahir agaya ... issay AC lado..blah blah blah!" but all in all the majority rebuked him. Let me categorize myself in the minority because i was the one who appreciated his little effort.

My personal opinion is that we should appreciate his little effort. i don't really get one thing that why the critics are ignoring the fact that this guy left all the comfort at his home and came out to join the protest. He is way better than the guys who just severely criticized him by commenting insensibly on this vdo on facebook..etc. Its easier to criticize other the to go out and join the protest! 

To blame and to criticize others are our national hobbies. We just love to criticize. We criticize the elite class for not paying heed to the National Crises as they are only concerned about their bank accounts. But if one them like this guy(assumed by many that he's from upper class or elite class) comes out to join us then also we criticize..... Why are we so confused and divided???? We lack rationality and we talk about Revolution! Revolution never comes in a divided Nation! We need to get united in order to bring the Revolution rather than rebuking our fellow countrymen!

So, you all haters and critics... kindly don't degrade anyone because it clearly depicts your level of mentality and lack of rationality!


Sarah Rahman said...

Had to agree to it. We prefer criticizing rather than exercising things.

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