Friday, 18 March 2011

Everybody loves Raymond

Don't be confused, this post isn't about the famous American Sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" but its all about the infamous C.I.A contractor cum spy Raymond Davis. Yes! A man brave enough to shoot two guys in rush hour time with his glock and crushing the third person to death while making a run in his car but fortunately he was caught red-handed. U.S openly claimed that he's a Diplomat (which he wasn't ) and should be released according to the law of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations but failure of Pakistani Government to free him under  diplomatic immunity gave birth to new tensions in diplomatic ties of two states. This incident had elevated Anti-American sentiments but when Shumaila(Wife of one of the victim) committed suicide, the nation demanded the prosecution of Mr.Raymond Davis in accordance with the Pakistani Law. On the other hand, the families of the victims had also demanded strict punishment for this serious crime. Everyone was hopeful that Court will deal with this incident lawfully and the criminal will be punished for his crime but on March 16th 2011, Raymond Davis was set free of the charges against him and he safely flew to Afghanistan. It was reported that the families had accepted "blood money" because under Pakistan's laws, a sharia-based provision allows the families of murder victims to forgive the accused in exchange for monetary compensation.
To cite the law in question:
The Qisas and Diyya Ordinance (1990) allows one to pay “blood money” to relatives of the victim in lieu of execution: under Islamic law, the punishment can either be in the form of qisas (equal or similar punishment for the crime committed) or diyya (compensation payable to the victim’s legal heirs).
Its obvious that U.S used the above mentioned law to free him as it was the last resort. All the families have reportedly left Pakistan and the ghairat brigade is yet again just blabbering and blabbering regarding this whole Raymond Davis Saga. We(Pakistanis) just love to discuss about everything whether good or bad. and nowadays the person we all love to discuss about is Raymond Davis! I guess this famous proverb "Actions speak louder than words" doesn't really work for us. Our national game is "Blame Game", and believe me we are the Champions of it. Some players have already started blaming those families saying that they  have sold the Nation...etc. My question to those idiots who say so is, "Do you people have the guts to accept harsh and brutal consequences over compensated life?". So please stop putting the blame on those families. State actors and non-state actors have played this game skillfully and its all done now! We need to do something to make sure that no such activity takes place again on our soil rather than just blabbering on this issue!

Raymond Davis is free now and we can't have him back in our Jails! Let's accept the truth and face the reality. Its time for us to take a stand do something for the betterment of Pakistan. To be honest, our economy relies on the aid given by U.S... Anti-Americanism is on the rise but since 1947 we have served them and we will continue to do so until we make Pakistan prosper. Pakistan doesn't want blabbering mouths but working hands and awakening thoughts!



The Only Normal Person Here. said...

Anti Americanism is just for the drawing room and tv talk show talks , in reality, everyone wants to go to Uncle Sam.

We are a hollow nation. Everything hollow.

Pensive Rambler said...

yeah you are right... that's the bitter truth! we are divided.. we need to get united!

amna shah said...

Being an optimist, I have but a little say in such matters. I don't want to call my nation 'hollow' or maybe I don't want to accept it as true! I would just say that although we have come down to roads for protests against Raymond Davis - we have no other choice. We are a nation trapped in the clutches of our so-called leaders and the downward ebb and flow of economy, natural disasters, lack of education, the reality of living from hand-to-mouth, and so many other things already occupying our minds and lives. This leaves only a little space to have consideration over such issues as this.

However, I must say the title of the post is just fabulous! So satirical yet so true!

Pensive Rambler said...

That's good that you are an optimist but I'm a realist. I try my best to analyze everything on the basis of reality. There's no problem in this world which doesn't have a solution and i think the solution for Pakistan's problems is "Proper Education for the masses"... Do read my first post regarding education.

Thanks for your comment. Keep visiting

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