Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Education Emergency

Aren't we familiar with the word "Emergency"????
I guess our motherland is always in a state of emergency mainly because of the following factors:

2-No rule of Law
3-Political mess
4-Weak and corrupt governance..etc.

Above mentioned factors are very drastic and lethal for the survival of any nation. Sadly, Pakistan is facing a very hard time combating such evil factors and the ultimate savior can only be "Education". Let's take a look at the statistics regarding education in our Motherland There are 187,342,721 (July 2011 est.)people living on a piece of land named Pakistan but the literacy rate is 49.9%(according to the definition "age 15 and over can read and write") of the total population. The school life expectancy(primary to tertiary education) is total: 7 years male: 8 years and female: 6 years (2009est.). The government only care to spend 2.9% of the total GDP (2008) which is shameful because countries like Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia allocate more percent of their GDPs for the education. The extremists are brainwashing the young generation easily because the Government fails to provide them with basic education and without it we can't even think of prospering in today's world.

We don't have a single political party that can walk out of the parliament or coalition government for education reforms. We got blabbering mouths but no one seems to do something practically good for the widespread of Education! Apart from this, the condition of Government schools is appalling. When i was in 10th Grade, the venue for board examination was Sindh Madarsatul Islam where Quaid-e-Azam(Founder of Pakistan) had received his early education. The condition of that school was appalling and the Government didn't even bother to renovate it. Now Shehzad Roy has renovated the school and i Salute this man! Hats off to him. Private sector can also do the same thing. The grandees and middle class people may contribute a small or big sum of money for the renovation of Government Schools. It is a very practical and useful step. Another problem with the Education is its syllabus which is ages old and i guess we still teach GW Basic in 9th Grade rather than teaching MS-Office. By the way, how can i forget the infamous Jali Degree(Fake Degree) issue... Around 148 elected MNAs and MPAs have fake degrees and they are enjoying the perks ad privileges of a highly educated and able person. We live in so-called democracy and we have elected uneducated and incompetent to rule us. It clearly depicts that we lack common sense and a sense to distinguish between good and bad and this sense comes from Education.

We can never prosper without educating our masses. Our forces are combating the extremism with guns but the real and most effective weapon against extremism can only be Education! Its time for us to take a stand and to pressurize Government to bring out reforms in the education policy. It would be a great effort if you kindly sign the petition and spread the word!


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